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The SVS tracker system is unique within our marketplace. It's not just a simple method of ordering jobs to your valeting bay but also a way to track productivity, quality, workload and costs. All these tools ensure greater efficiency to the tasks in hand.

We fully understand the ever increasing demands of the industry, and by providing innovative systems to enhance our services to our clients and by giving you total real time transparency 24/7 it allows you to manage the efficiency, productivity and costs relating to your valeting.

By accessing the system Senior Management and Directors of motor groups have the ability to access real time multi-site valeting information from day to day procedures to individual Dealership reports enabling total productivity and financial control of sites under there control.

As you can see from the video it's a very user friendly system and as such been accepted and acknowledged by our current clientele as a great move forward in controlling every aspect of the valeting on site.

Don't take our word for it please click and enable full screen for the demonstrations below to experience the SVS Tracker System for yourself.


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