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Specialist Valeting Services is committed to providing the best and most efficient contract services throughout the Motor trade. We offer our services to dealerships, body shops and Auction sites.

Our service is designed to allow you to focus on with what you do best, "Sales". We take the hassle and worry out of managing you're valeting. Be it sickness holidays or absentees, contracting to SVS ensures your service will not be interrupted.

SVS is has a unique Tailored approach to delivering your contract valeting requirements. We aim to provide you with the most cost efficient service, improving quality to your customers across the board. We have achieved this by continual and consistent investment in our staff and their training, a hands on reactive ethos to management and the integral use of our own industry leading SVS tracker system.

Our management team have a hands on approach to running the business. As our customers you can speak to us directly. We are the North Wests largest privately owned independent valeting company. This gives us the ability to react to our customer requirements quickly as needed without going through numerous tiers of management that hold the process up.

SVS staff are trained to be able to deliver all our services as your needs require and are able to converse and communicate within a dealership environment. We believe the consistency within our staff is a key component to sustainable service and growth for both you and us.

Take a look around our site and a look at our Tracker Demonstration Videos and see why SVS should become your contract valeter of choice and how we can help maximize efficiency within your business, help control your costs and keep your vehicles looking great for your customers to view at all times.


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